IZZET Digital Hand Dynamometer Grip Strength Measurement Meter Auto Capturing Electronic Hand Grip Power 198Lbs / 90Kgs


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The GRIPX Electronic hand dynamometer is a perfect for gymnasts, tennis players, rock climbers and also serves as a recuperating device for muscular injury person as part of their physiotherapy. Why Do We Need to Measure Hand Grip Strength? Many studies have shown that the connections between grip strength and death or multiple chronic diseases remained strong. Interestingly, grip strength was a better predictor of death or disease than blood pressure. The GRIPX Digital Dynamometer can be an easy and inexpensive way to assess an individual’s health condition, and also help to measure one’s grip strength progress that could be good for survival. How to Use 1 Remove the isolation tag from the battery case; 2 Press [ON/SET] button to turns on; 3 The middle two buttons [ARROWS up/down] allow you to select a different user. Then press [ON/SET] button to cycle between gender and age of the selected user, and edit the values using the arrows; 4 When you are ready you can hit the [START] button to test your hand grip; 5 Now if you press [ON/SET] button, it converts between LB and KG; 6 While squeezing, it shows the amount of force you are currently squeezing, as soon as you let go it shows you the max/peak of what you squeezed; 7 Press the [ARROW down] button if you want to save the result, or hit [START] button to retest; 8 After you test your grip, and the max result is displayed, if you wait 6 seconds then it will tell you how many lbs/kgs more or less you’ve done in comparison to your saved result. Warranty Every GRIPX hand dynamometer is individually hand tested for defects and accuracy before it leaves the factory. We offer 5 YEARS product warranty.