300 Plastic Silverware Set – Silver Plastic Cutlery Set – Disposable Silverware Set – Flatware Set – 100 Plastic Silver Forks – 100 Silver Spoons – 100 Plastic Silver Knives – Heavy Duty – Party Bulk


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The Silver Plastic Utensil Set you have been looking for is finally here!! This Silver Plastic Cutlery will make you happy in every way! Should it be by prepping this beautiful silver cutlery set enhancing your table, or the aftermath of simply throwing it away after hosting your event! With this plastic silver spoons, plastic silver forks, and plastic silver knives you won’t wanna go back using real ones again as you won’t see any difference! Choose Silver Plastic Silverware Set as a staple in your house, office, catering, hotel and where not! It won’t let you down! Plastic silverware bulk packed will give you the opportunity to be served for big or small occassions. With this neat packaging it gives you the option of easily preparing or storing it for your next get together. This Silver Flatware Set is perfectly designed to be used for all, being that it is heavy duty and durable you don’t need to worry about getting broken. Disposable Silverware Set, your first step in making hosting easier!