PacknWood 210MSPK Wooden Mini Spork – 4.1″ – 3000 per case


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Size:3000 Pieces

About the Wooden Mini Spork – 210MSPK

Biodegradable wooden spoon-fork. This wooden utensil set includes 3000 pieces that come in 30 packs of 100 pieces each that are 4.1″ long.

About PacknWood

PacknWood is the American brand of a family-owned, well-established French manufacturer that specializes in the design and manufacture of elegant disposable food packaging. For over 35 years, PacknWood has made it their goal to design fashionable, functional and environmentally sustainable tableware that adds a special touch to your culinary presentation – something we believe your customers will notice and appreciate. PacknWood offers the largest selection of plates, skewers, mini dishes, bakeware, and tableware, which are made from the most unique and natural materials: Bamboo, Wood, Palm Leaf, Sugarcane, and Cornstarch – all with a French touch to the design and presentation. The idea is simple: we create value using natural, organic and recyclable materials. Our smooth and elegant finished products make the food you serve more enticing, all while preserving the environment.